Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Let's give this a try...

I have yet to master the art of the blog.

I may have tried. Maybe once. I don't remember.

On multiple job/internship interviews I have been asked if I blogged. The best answer that I could render was that I have "read multiple blogs." And I bet that now that I have joined blogworld the blog will become archaic and completely replaced by the podcast. But I will not even attempt how to use that, and besides, I hate my voice.

My head is currently bursting with thoughts. Mostly because it's winter break, and there are more homeless people on campus than students. Normally I'm talkative. But everyone is gone. Which has forced me to start talking more and more to people in the stores that I visit. Today I:
- explained the logic behind "West Philly" hoodie (with an AK-47) that I got for my boyfriend's brother for X-mas to the guy at Neighborhoodies... [logic: the bro goes to Penn and says that his city is oh-so-much-more-ghetto than New York and therefore I do not live in a city]
- asked a few too many questions to the box office guy at the Village Theatre
- had a nice conversation with the security guard at the front door of Butler Library during which he looked at the buttons on my backpack and told me about how his old boss had a wall of buttons [jealousy ensued]
- talked about Walmart: The High Cost of a Low Price with the guy at Kim's... by the way, they've been very friendly this past week... I've been going there nearly every day to rent movies because I need something to do after 6... and I used to avoid the place because I thought they were all obnoxious. Then again, I have been trying to avoid mainstream flicks so they can't roll their eyes because I DON'T have 40 Year Old Virgin in my hand.
- listened to the cashier at Milano Market complain about how bad Altoid's Lime Gum tasted and offered her a sympathetic smile

Maybe when winter break ends I will have nothing to write about. But with a book-sized project due in May and another 4 essays to write for Personal Essay (again) I need to stop going to rediculous websites to pass time and at least type something.

Today I was in the Village. I can't remember if it is the area considered the "West Village" or just "The Village." I got off at West 4th Street by the A line and then walked Southeast. So I'm guessing that it was "The Village." I was going to the Village Theatre to find out how to get cheap rush seats for Newsical. When I got off I saw the W. 4th Street Courts and then realized that I was right by the Gay McDonald's. Now don't get your panties in a twist when I say that. There is a back story here... which is why I mentioned it:

Spring Break 2005
I was staying on campus, as usual. My boyfriend was in Dublin visiting his friend who goes to TCD (Trinity College - Dublin). He had written to me about how the McDonald's in Dublin was serving "Shamrock Shakes" for St. Patrick's Day. Essentially they were vanilla shakes with a bit of green food coloring and some mint flavoring.

Two of my friends and I went downtown to go to A Salt & Battery so that we could get Chip Buttys (another delicacy he wrote about), Fish & Chips, and Deep Fried Mars Bars. Then we saw a McDonald's (I think it was around 8th Street) and asked them if they served the Shamrock Shake. The guy there said that they didn't, but that they were the "Bootleg McDonald" and so we should check the "Gay McDonald" on West 4th. Hence the name Gay McDonald's. Needless to say, when we went we found out that a. it should have been called the "Singles McDonald's" b. Shamrock Shakes are exclusively served in Ireland.

After passing by the McDonald's I walked to Bleecker and what do I pass? First, Porto Rico Importing Company. My mother has been ordering coffee from there for years. We would get boxes of their coffee beans delivered to our house a few times a year - any time there was a sale like for Peter's Birthday. Our house would smell so good on those days. Even though I never drank the coffee I loved the smell. I thought that we were so sophisticated because we had coffee from the city whereas others just had Folger's or Dunkin' Donuts... or Starbucks once that came to town. Now I know that Zabar's is where the upper crust New Yorkers purchase their coffee from.

Then I passed by Cones, which I went to once after a competition at the Fencer's Club back when I was in high school. I saw Risotteria at the corner of one of the streets (the Gluten Free place), and then Pizza Box & Pizza Booth... the two pizza stores that are so close to each other and I always forget which one I went to back when I was a junior in high school. I had gone to NYU with a few high school teammates to watch some collegiate fencing (NYU, Penn State, and others) and then we went and got lunch. At the Coles sports center, all of us were running through the RENT libretto, a thing that all of us fencing girls did that totally turned the guys off of the musical. So we're there singing (from Today 4 U, Tomorrow for Me)
"Oh Holy Night"
"You struck gold at MIT???"
"They expelled me for my theory of actual reality which I'll soon impart to the couch potatoes at New York University..."
That's about as far as we got when we thought it was ironic that we were singing about NYU at NYU.

So I start thinking about RENT while I'm walking past these pizza places, because that day at NYU was right after I saw the play for the first time and I was in a total haze, much like I am now. But that will be the subject of my next blog. And the other girls that I went with were more or less Jesus Christ: Superstar groupies.

To wrap this up, I used to think the Village was oh-so-glorious-and-artsy and then over the past three and a half years I've grown a distaste for the Village because it's too expensive, too trying-to-be-artsy, and because I fell for the whole get-a-crappy-fake-ID-there-on-the-first-day-of-orientation ploy. But now as I come back there for the first time since last Spring Break I realize that I actually have some emotional ties to this area. Not that I want to live there (although I will lust after those pre-war apartments that those with trust funds and/or sugar daddies can afford) but I guess I really don't mind the place.

And so ends my first blog. Let's see how long this lasts.


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