Friday, December 30, 2005


Most of my major purchases/gifts in the past year have required either batteries or an outlet. Over the year I have accumulated:
- a 12" iBook
- a food processor
- an iPod
- a KitchenAid stand mixer
- a digital camera

I can say that my newfound appreciation for electronics like computers and cameras are due to the fact that I hang out too much with tech geeks... you know, ones who read SlashDot more often than they check Facebook. Or that I am really impulsive and need the instant gratification of a digital camera. But then my other "electronic toys" are for cooking.

Sure, I love to cook. But I have been realizing just how domestic I am. I would be the perfect housewife if I only liked to clean as well. The food processor and KitchenAid are actually more technologically advanced than what would be in the 1950s housewife's kitchen but are still some big accessories for a dorm kitchen. And it gives me an incentive to make sugar cookies from scratch, grate my own cheese, make my own sauces, and bake my own bread, rather than using the "slice and bake" cookie dough, kraft shredded cheese, canned sauces and Wonder bread.

I have also taken up knitting within the past year. I was at the Wal-Mart in Markham, Ontario during last year's winter break (yes, I know, Wal-Mart is the devil) and bought some needles and yarn and a book and tried to knit. The first problem that I ran into: I'm a lefty. And while the friendly folks at the Yarn Company told me yesterday that you should never learn to knit lefty, my right hand (or left side of the brain) is so weak that I couldn't learn the proper way to knit and just taught myself backwards. So everyone thought I'd give up soon, since I kept running into problems. But I persevered, made 2 awful scarves last semester followed by one good scarf, and I've made 4 scarves since December 3rd (all of which were... as I call it... "superlong"). Now I'm trying to work on some hats and arm warmers, which is why I went to the Yarn Company to buy some double-pointed needles. The hobby is becoming quite expensive - thank god for Joann Fabrics, which has ubercheap yarn. Downtown Yarns, which is on Avenue A between East 3rd & 4th Street, has amazing yarns and I bought 3 skeins of super chunky yarn there but they were $15 a skein and on the cheaper end of their selection. This hobby is becoming quite expensive, but at least I have some snazzy accessories now.

So yeah, right now I'm half technologically advanced/half domestic housewife. Which means that I can take some great pics of food or blog about stichin 'n' bitchin.


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