Monday, January 09, 2006

Back in the City that Never Sleeps...

I left the City that Works and returned to New York last night. I haven't updated my blog since basically day 1 of my trip. The rest of the trip was:
- Brokeback Mountain reenactments with Jon, Owen & Hartley
- Actually seeing Brokeback Mountain
- Walking from Front Street and Jarvis to Bathurst and Follis (basically the walk from FDR all the way downtown to Times Square - at least). And getting sick while doing that
- Making offensive Gingerbread Houses
- Bowling a high score of 84

And today I started a new internship. It's with the Books department of AOL and was really exciting today. And I can wear jeans which makes it that much better. Since senior year of high school my jobs have been (I'm in a list-y mood right now):
- cashier @ Target
- tutor for Double Discovery Center
- GED teacher for Community Impact
- office assistant in the Housing Office
- on-and-off babysitter
- office assistant that the hospital in Stony Brook
- intern at the New-York Historical Society
- general assistant at Butler Library
- editor for
- waitress at Turquoise Grill
- bibliographic assistant at the Union Theological Seminary library
- intern at Friends of Hudson River Park
- summer RA
- Community Programming Assistant
- TA for Drugs & Behavior
- intern at New York City Economic Development Corporation
and now AOL and a Psych Computer Lab TAship (as well as the CPA gig for the rest of the year). This list does not mean that I got fired a gajillion times but more like I worked a few jobs at once. Not to brag - these aren't exactly the most cushy desirable jobs around. But this upcoming semester will take the cake - min. 20 hours/week at AOL, min. 12 hours/week at the Psych lab, and then the CPA job is another few hours a week or program planning. So I'll basically be a full time student and full time employee with basically no direction in life (i.e., work or grad school?)

My grad school apps are due soon. I've resorted to 3 schools - UBuffalo, UToronto and QueensU. None are super-duper-competitive, all are relatively affordable, and none require the GREs. But even if I get in I'm not sure if I should go to grad school right away or just wait and work and see if I like that more. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Right now I'm just going to enjoy the new job I have (which I think will remain incredibly fun), enjoy the last week of break before classes start, and knit a bit more.

I'll post a new recipe soon...


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