Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Sorry for not posting in so long all of my valued readers (haha). This semester's been crazy busy thus far and I feel bad being a blog slacker. But, alas.

I was at Le Monde on the day before classes started and was sitting at a table next to a group of three students. I honestly have no idea what they were talking about for most of the time but then they said THANKSGIVING SANDWICH. They went on to describe the joy that is the Thanksgiving Sandwich and then discussed the possibilities of becoming food bloggers. Well, I beat them to the chase.

I don't understand the entire concept of the Thanksgiving sandwich - Turkey with mashed potatoes, cranberry, stuffing (if available) and on some bread. My mother orders it from the kosher deli near her every time she goes there... and it's slathered with some garlic mayo to boot. But I loathe Thanksgiving pretty much because of the leftovers, since I'm not a big turkey eater to begin with. However, after making Mac 'n Cheese for 200 and serving at our building's Thanksgiving Dinner I realized that most people love turkey dinner and love Thanksgiving specifically for the leftovers.

The one thing that they mentioned (I'm such an eavesdropper) is that the Thanksgiving Sandwich is crazy expensive. So here is the no-cooking-necessary and allergen-free (since I'm apparently ignorant) Thanksgiving Sandwich for Columbia Students and if eaten for several meals in a row, can be relatively inexpensive. That meaning that you can buy everything here from either Morton Williams or the Farmer's Market and steal what you want from the cafeteria and JJ's place. At MW's deli counter you can just ask for a small amount of turkey & potatoes to cut costs if you don't want to be eating Thanksiving Sandwich Leftovers for the entire night.

The meat: sliced Turkey, your brand of choice
The starch: mashed potatoes, available cheaply at Mortons and D'Ag
The crans: Cranberry Jelly, purchased at the "jelly" table at the farmer's market on Thursdays
The bread: wheat free and vegan and allergen free bread (or if you're not an "allergic child" then normal bread of your choice)

To assemble: Slather the bread with Cranberry jelly. Alternate slices of turkey with spoonfuls of potatoes. Eat.

Simple enough?


At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can actually purchase things from the jelly table? I thought their sole purpose was to provide free samples.


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